We are an eclectic Wiccan Temple in Palm Springs, California.

Our Mission is to teach basic eclectic Wicca to those seekers that can benefit from it, and to further prepare those Wiccans who are called to serve as clergy, while enriching the local community with a full calendar year of religious celebrations, and Pagan arts.

The Temple of the Sapphire Sky, in Palm Springs, California, is an eclectic teaching grove that meets in sacred space between the Worlds for Wiccans and Witches to share, celebrate and learn from each other in mutual trust and respect. We enjoy direct access to Wiccan Elders, various covens, and several study options.

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We thank the Crystal Fantasy Enlightenment Center for hosting our classes and events, and the local Pagan community for their continued support.

We are members of the Touchstone Council of the Covenant of the Goddess.

The Covenant of the Goddess is a confederation of covens from the United States, with members in North America, Europe, and Australia.

We are incorporated in California since October 31, 1975, as a nonprofit religious organization, with all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of any church.

The Covenant was founded to increase Wiccan cooperation and to secure for us the legal protections enjoyed by other religions.

The Covenant is non-hierarchical and governed by consensus. Two thirds of our clergy are women.

Our clergy preside at weddings, funerals and other rites of life, and provide Wiccan religious counseling.

Our social action projects include counseling for the military and prisons, scouting awards for Pagan youth, emergency disaster relief, addressing media portrayals of Pagans, and interfaith work.

Wicca is an Earth based religious practice that sees all creation as sacred and interconnected.

Wicca honors The Lady and The Lord; the Universal Goddess, often as many individual Goddesses, and the Universal God, often as many individual Gods.

Wicca teaches practical balance on every thing, it is sex-positive, progressive, inclusive, diverse, and life affirming.

Our practice attunes us to the rhythms of Nature and to our environment. Our interests are alined with those of environmentalists, First Nations Peoples, Taoism, Shinto, Hinduism, NeoPaganism, and every one who cares about our Mother Earth, and the health of our minds and bodies.

Wicca is a growing, vital and intensely creative religious path. It cannot be shrunk into an elevator speech. The statements above can only convey a very basic understanding of  Wiccan paths, since even those of us with very similar practices are free to hold very different believes.

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