Come celebrate the Summer Solstice in Palm Springs, with the local witches of the Sapphire Sky Current. The ritual starts at 6 PM, right after the Shamanic Healing class on Raising your Vibration, which is a great way to prepare for it. Make it a Blessed Solstice evening and stay for both!
Litha is the turning of the year, with the Sun at its fullest energy, the days will shorten after Litha and that is the Oak King’s time, the Dark of the Year. The Goddess is now pregnant with the new Sun that will be born in December’s Solstice. The harvest is celebrated by humans, animals and spirits. The Fay are dancing.
The rite will last about an hour, we will be available for chatting on about Litha and Wicca until 8PM. See you there!

hosted by:
Crystal Fantasy

Temple of the Sapphire Sky

Temple of the Amethyst Moon

Temple of the Diamond Sands



Venus and Jupiter have been growing visually closer for a week in the Summer skies, I hope you had a chance to see them unite under the almost full Moon yesterday Tuesday, in the West.  Great magickal times! 

Venus and Jupiter will be blessing us and each other all Summer. 

It’s time to burn those green and blue candles!

Remember that the Empress is Venus in the Major Arcana, Jupiter is there represented by the Wheel of Fortune (The Wheel of the Year), that’s starting to turn towards the darker part of the year after the Solstice.

As the Sun stops and reflects in Cancer, it’s a good time to slow down and look back at our January resolutions and correct course for the rest of our year. 

For those of us at the mid point of our lives, the slowing Sun can help us reflect on deeper waters, it can help us re-explore our youthful dreams and expectations, and it can help us recapture our beginner’s mind.

Now we look around with new fresh eyes, and can see fresher paradigms. 

The grounded and ambitious Capricorn Full Moon is a perfect time for reevaluation.

Now in the Tarot Wheel of the Year:

The Lord of Love (The 2 of Cups, Venus in Cancer) that rules the first ten days of Cancer, has now passed, after announcing the 3 of Cups, Mercury in Cancer, as the new ruler of the current second decan, going forth from tomorrow until July 11th. He’s called the Lord of Abundance.

Mercury in Cancer highlights the material side of Mercury: market, trade, the gathering and exchange of needed provisions for Winter, and specially the partying and sharing of meals, like the many happy 4th of July barbecues coming up this weekend. Dionysos will definitely be in attendance!

We can meditate for the next ten days on the Major Arcana for Mercury (the interconnected Magus) and Cancer (the successful Charioteer) as their energies blend at this time. Let’s journal our meditations and current events before the decan ends. Experience the live correlation of these cards to this current time, it will help you to intuit and associate yearly dates in your Tarot readings.

The Major Arcana card for Capricorn (the Devil), can also be part of a meditation for tonight’s Capricorn Full Moon. Let’s gather with others or gather with our familiars and spirit guides, and do a solitary ritual and meditation acknowledging the abundance of goods, light and love in our lives.

Blessed Be!



On the Wheel of the Year each card springs necessarily from each other card, even in due order, from The Fool unto The Ten of Coins.

From November 3rd to November 12th the Six of Cups appears on the Wheel of the Year.

The Lord of Pleasure is the 6 of Cups’ title, and it stands for Sol in Scorpio. This card talks of deep emotions, which are now tempered after having faced old pains and fears in the previous ten day period.

The previous card ruling from October 23rd to November 2nd was the disapointing Lord of Loss (of Pleasure), Mars in Scorpio, the Five of Cups.

The Lord of Pleasure is therefore talking about Pleasure newly Restored.

People are now open to fully enjoy the pleasures of intimate harmony and public devotion more than they could before.

Scorpio can have a tendency to obsess about emotional subjects, since it rules the harmony of friendship, reunions and reconciliations, nostalgia, and all lasting connections to people or places.

Six, the Qabalistic Sun, Beauty itself, is hailing and shining from the elemental Water in the West, the often dreaded realm of our Ancestors.

Honored at this time are our Ancestors and all Gods of Resurrection and Rulers of the Dead like Osiris, Pluto and Hades; all Initiatic entities; and all Tantric (sexual) entities. The Wiccan God is at this time restoring Himself in the arms of the Dark Mother, until the Winter Solstice, when He’s reborn with the Sun. The different traditions vary widely in their expressions of this concept.

The message of Sun on Water is that of the Dragonfly, which is the Secret of the Ninth Degree of the O.T.O.:

The Conscious Experience of Joy. 

As uncle Crowley writes in Liber CCCXXXIII:

“…joy that is but one facet of a diamond, every other facet whereof is more joyful than joy itself.”

…and also: “Without the Rose, the Cross is just a dry stick.”

The Major Arcana card for Sol in Scorpio is called Death, and numbered XIII.

Qabalisticly, 13 (1 plus 3) is a just a different form of 4.

4 is Amoun, Jupiter, the God of generation and expansion.

It was also called 1, the Phallic unity, God-the-one, Keter igniting into Chokmah, before further individualization manifested below “the Abyss”, the threshold between existence and transcendence.


The Death card stands for transformations, initiations, and other processes of internal alchemy.

A better name for this card would be Epiphany.

In the Minor Arcana, the Six of Cups, like a loving heart, is open to all directions, and warns us of the dangers of inaction.

Chose a direction, move forward and enjoy joifully walking while singing or chanting.

Joiful chants and mantras are properly said without effort, like all music, when we are in The Zone, partially trancing, and barely knowing we are doing it. It feels as if it does itself.

Our experiences with Love and Sex flow and work just like our music.

The same applies to all Magick.

In the Yi Jing (or I Ching, the Book of Changes) Sol in Scorpio is Kwan,

Great Earth,


and points to the South West, to our home.

May many pleasurable Epiphanies enlighten us all in our beloved Coachella Valley.

Blessed Be!


Summer has ended, even in our hot Southern California desert.
Best wishes to everyone, as we enter the colder, darker part of the year with the Blessed Samhain tide.

Samhain is the time for new beginnings; a time to review our commitments and refresh our activities.
Look at your calendar now and block time in the new Wheel of the Year for celebrations and meetings with your fellow Wiccans.

Thanks to all who attended our three wonderful Samhain rituals this year:
Friday the 31st was our Journey to Avalon meditation, dancing the Spiral of life with our Beloved Dead, and this year it was complete with flying cats, LOL.
Saturday afternoon we had a very moving class on listening to our Beloved Dead with some great visiting witches, we all received great messages.
Saturday evening we enjoyed a great Divination Circle, foreseeing our fortunes for the coming year.
Thanks to Crystal Fantasy and Ms. Janeen for hosting us.

November has our weekly Java meetings schedule on every Wednesday.
Join our Meet up site for more details.

Joanne’s class (check our Meet Up site to RSVP) is on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays at 5PM.
Today it feels like it’s the second Thursday, but it’s actually the first one, since November started last Saturday.
No class today.

Tomorrow Friday we will have the Curios and Candles class on magickal prayer for the main Pantheons at Lugh’s.
RSVP for directions.

On the third Saturday, November 15th, we will see another Hands on Wicca class at Crystal Fantasy at 4PM.

Happy Thanksgiving to every one later in the month.
Let’s be grateful for our own bodies and let’s not over-eat too much. LOL.

Our next Sabbat is a public YULE with CoG’s Touchstone Local Council:
Norton Younglove Senior Center
908 Park Ave.
Calimesa, CA 92320

This Sabbat is right at the Full Moon.
There will be raffles, games, great food, and about 60 local Pagans and Witches to celebrate with us.

We will be rehearsing and discussing our Yule ritual in all our November meetings. See you there.

Our own Private Yule will be on Sunday December 21, with the Sun entering Capricorn.
The New Moon will still be in strong Sagittarius on Sunday, entering Capricorn on Monday the 22nd.

Blessed Be!

Windmills Afternoon w Clouds DSCN0244 edit WEB (1) (1)

We celebrated a lovely Wiccan Mabon Rite outdoors this year. We were at our very pleasant mountain retreat, provided by the Temple’s High Priestess, GreenBerry. We had scheduled the celebration well in advance, and were met with a gorgeous breezy evening in unseasonably cool weather.

At Mabon, we observe the second of the three Wiccan Thanksgiving feasts. We express our gratitude to The Goddess and The God for the bounty of Nature’s goodness. Knowing that Deity ensouls the Earth and the Universe, and is omnipresent in the natural world as well as in the realms of Spirit, gives us deep and authentic gratitude for what to some may seem mundane. We know that the joy of our existence, of our lives on the Sacred Earth, is a gift of experience that makes for Spiritual growth of every Witch in our Temple.

Without the fruits of the harvest, of the grains and the vegetables and the fruits, all products of the magic of the marriage of energy, rainwater, the earth itself, and the air that the plants (and us Witches) breathe, there would be no chance for us to experience the communion with Deity that engenders love and ecstasy. Without the divine magic of seed and soil, sunshine, and the breeze and rain, we would not be, and we see our beingness as the greatest gift.

This year, we had the most blessed time during our Rite. Two Elder High Priests, one High Priestess, a Priestess and two students who were Dedicating to study for initiation into the clergy were present. Some of our beloved clergy and students were not able to be with us physically, but, they were in our hearts and present in spirit. What was conspicuously and blessedly absent was Ego. When we raise Sacred Circle for worship, we enter there in “perfect love and perfect trust.” We understand and teach that much of the separateness that is espoused in secular culture is an illusion for a Witch. The high ideals we strive for and teach about cannot be achieved while remaining separate and apart from the Sacred Earth, or from each other. To achieve the blessed magic we do, we know that we are a part of one earth, of one solar system, and one common humanity. To enable our personal realization of this love and trust requires us to silence the ever boisterous “me” within, and instead, listen to the “us” which we share.

The weather was unexpectedly cold enough to find that during the Rite, it was best for us to hurry along. Within the Sacred Circle, with the Elements and The Gods present, we were cold in the beautiful first breath of autumn. In the state of perfect love and perfect trust, we were conscious of each other. We drew up seating close around the bonfire, and skipping some of the dramaturgy planned, we went on to share the Dedication of our students. There was no ego. No judging, discerning, or whining. That is where Wiccan people who have clear understanding of the joy of unity stay. Wiccans stay in their joy and love. And in love, self-centeredness and selfishness fades, and Deity ensouls the group with love. This happens despite some challenges which may come around.

When The Goddess arrives in circle, she generally informs us that “…My law is Love unto all beings.” We are grateful for that. We hold that to our hearts. We did this Mabon, as we recalled and celebrated that the Divine Light of The God had now entered into the seed. This special presence of Deity in the seed and in other storage crops would sustain us and our neighbors through the dark part of the year when obtaining food would be more difficult. It also contained within it the promise of continuing life and future crops. These are crops that are both the Bounty of The Sacred Earth and the growth of human love.

Thanks to Dan, Carole and everybody else in the Temple of the Sapphire Sky for a wonderful Ostara ritual.

May the Blessings of the East and Spring bring new health, love, luck and prosperity to everyone.

Blessed Be!

Lord Lugh









PantheaCon 2014, the Twentieth Anniversary, was a very emotional weekend.
I wanted to attend lots of presentations, but of course many are simultaneous, so one has to chose which to attend and which to miss every year. Then there’s spending time with friends.

It was great socializing with so many old friends. I started by spending some time with Richard Reidy, and my Minos, Allan. Both of them were holding the fort at the Kemetic Temples hospitality suite, in the 9th floor. After touching base and catching up with my Kemetic friends I went on to introduce myself and hang out for a while at the CoG/NROOGD/NWC hospitality suite next door. They offered me a delicious mead and several great conversations just about everything.
Great people, I’m very proud to be part of this great priesthood, I had lots of fun.

The opening ritual was great. The room was (like many presentations would be later on) at max capacity by the time I finally made it there, so I participated from the open door, with many others. We were all beaming for no other reason than just being there. Magick was definitely afoot.

I started my conference after lunch by attending Mojo and Magic in Blues Music by Kenny Klein: a priceless exploration of New Orleans culture that had my head swinging all day long afterwards, what a wonderfully magical person Kenny is.

Richard Reidy’s presentation Anubis and Wepwawet: Gods of Many Aspects was my next stop.
As always, Richard delivered an incredible amount of scholarship in an easy to follow style. It was truly enjoyable, and of course with the presentation being about my dad Anubis, I relished every single word. There were eleven other presentations going on at the same time, so I had to miss many good ones, including The Bornless One: Invocation and Shapeshifting by Chic and Sandra Tabatha Cicero. I need to learn how to bi-locate myself!

Friday finally wrapped to an end with the Woodland Valentine’s Night Concert. They are super talented musicians and I was able to enjoy them for a few songs with my Minoan student Daniel, who was there with most of the Mohsian coven he co-runs. At some point Daniel received a text from another Minoan seeker asking if there were Minoan initiates present at the conference that were available to meet with some seekers for a while. We had a very nice meeting and made some great new friends.

By bed time I was exhausted, yet unable to ground my brain enough to sleep, so much had happened already on the first day. Lack of sleep would haunt me all weekend, until I came back Monday night to a good sound sleep in my own bedroom here in the desert. I’m sorry I missed a local CoG fundraiser on Monday, but my body could not do anymore.

Saturday started by my missing the presentation of my friend Drew Ward entitled Psychic techniques: Practical Magic. The room was at full capacity again, and so I decided to trash my list of events-I-couldn’t-miss and just be present for whatever the Goddess had in mind for me this weekend.

I ended up spending a good part of Saturday at the Kemetic Temples suite, getting to know our brothers, the current members of the Temples in Sacramento, San Francisco and San Jose. Our brothers from Colorado could not make it this year. Everybody was happy that a new Kemetic temple was stirring in Palm Springs. I had brought my last batch of Kyphi incense to share with my brothers, and it all went in seconds. I was honored to be present on the consecration of a new Sacramento sister that brought tears to many of us. It would not be the last time I’d cry of joy at the conference.

Teacher’s Tool Box by the great Druid Moss Magill was my next workshop. He is amazing. Not only did he provide us with awesome new teaching tools, regardless of how experienced the attendees to his workshop were already, he did it with incredible foresight and great humor. He’s a great one.
Among the other eleven simultaneous workshops that I missed while enjoying Moss Magill’s wisdom, was the Tantric Invocation of Hermes by Sam Webster. I had attended his invocation in LA last year, and it was so good, I bought his book. I really wanted to repeat the experience last Saturday, but one has to make hard choices in this conference.

The convention vendors were double in number and quality than they had been a few years back.

Saturday was also A Wake for Hyperion by the Unnamed Path Brotherhood.
Eddy Gutiérrez – Dr. E – Ekun Dayo – Hyperion was scheduled to present at this year’s PantheaCon, but crossed over two weeks before it. He was a Minoan Brother, Baba, Tata, Conjure Doctor and Shaman; an incredible inspiration, an Elder and friend to so many of us.
What is remembered lives!

I was very sorry not to be able to attend the whole wake, but after presenting my respects and depositing a ball of Kyphi on the altar in Eddy’s honor, I had to excuse myself and negotiate the elevators back to the 9th floor to the Ritual for Ma’at by the Kemetic Temples.

I had not done ritual with my brothers Richard and Allan in more than three years.
Enacting this ritual with them was the main reason for my PantheaCon attendance this year, and it was totally worth it.
I love these men.
The current Kemetic Temples members in attendance, that I had not yet had a chance to meet in all these years until last weekend, are all awesome as well.
Many thanks to all the Neteru for all these blessings.
May these Temples prosper for thousands of years, as it was wished in Kemet.

After the ritual and lots of socializing, and running out of business cards, I couldn’t stop thinking about our loss of Hyperion.

I didn’t feel like going dancing to the great Pandemonaeon Live Concert, so I decided to catch up with sleep.

Before going to bed I sat briefly at the Dambala Sevis – Honoring the Serpent and the Rainbow by Mambo Chita Tann.

Mercury retrograde was in full swing, but Mambo Chita Tann kept making things work despite of it.
I just sat through the initial prayers which made me feel much, much better, even though they were mostly Napoleonic French prayers from the Catholic church with some Fon langage.

Going to bed meant also missing The Copper Decagram by Anaar, working with the Iron and Pearl Pentacles, the Feri tools of Balance and Liberty, which was yet another full capacity workshop.

I slept sound like a baby witch. Sunday morning, after having a nice chat with Richard and helping with closing down the Kemetic Temples hospitality suite, I was ready to go home, but I ended up seating with him at Empowerment – Ideas from the Ancient Egyptians by Tony Mierzwicki. It was fantastic. Tony is a great scholar, and he connects ancient wisdom with current issues like nobody else. I was very impressed by his approach.

Our CoG brothers Scott and Chrissi were present for this presentation. I had a nice chat with them earlier on, I hope they enjoyed themselves.

During lunch with Richard and Matt, another Kemetic brother, I had insisted on the need for Kemetics and other Reconstructionists to show up at Interfaith meetings.

I was referring to an article by CoG’s Don Frew on Interfaith. I do show up for Interfaith work and I have some public speaking scheduled in Palm Spring next month, but I wear many hats, and usually people see me as a Wiccan priest only, missing the rest of my practices. Matt grabbed the bull by the horns, and after leaving Tony Mierzwicki’s presentation, and the socializing and networking that ensued, I found myself with Matt and Don Frew, instead of leaving the hotel and grounding myself from this overextended weekend.

The event was Engaging “Wicanate Privilege a discussion about the latest articles in The Wild Hunt and other Pagan blogs questioning if Pagans were cohesive enough to be described as a movement at all. I had stayed out of these divisive debates, since being both a Wiccan and a Reconstructionist, I find them very upsetting.

We had some good results from this meeting, I will not report on it since I know Don will do a much better job of it than I ever could. I’ll just wait for his blogging on this, but I have to say that it was intense.

It was a great honor to be in the same room with so many Elders.

I was able to chat for a while with Starhawk and Macha NightMare regarding their coming to stir up the cauldron here in the Desert Cities later this year. We need plenty of help building Pagan community here in the Coachella Valley.

I thoroughly enjoyed some unexpected flirting with Shade and Matt. It’s nice to still be made to blush at my age. I had some nice conversations with Macha, Serena Toxicat and others over dinner, and then my head started to fade, and I had to take myself to bed, and wrap my PantheaCon participation for this year.

Thanks to the old and new friends: Merry Meet and Merry Part, dear Pagan family.






Welcome to our 2nd Anniversary in the Desert Cities!

Over two years ago, the group that crystallized around my Tarot practice and classes at Crystal Fantasy (thanks Joy!) decided to found an eclectic Wiccan grove, the Temple of the Sapphire Sky. Five dedications, nine initiations and three elevations later we will be at Billy Reed’s again, (check our Calendar for the details) eating cake and celebrating our present, past and future.

In 2012 and 2013 we experienced the pains of growing very fast, redirecting our energies from general outreach to training intensely a few members and then back to outreach, resizing and recommitting ourselves to a path, within robed eclecticism, that very closely follows the British traditional core teachings.

This year we are expanding, officially opening our Second Circle on the second New Moon of March, our Third Circle in May, and a new CUUPS chapter for the Desert Cities later in May too.

As local members of the Minoan Brotherhood, the Covenant of the Goddess and now the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans, we have had a very full couple of years, and our community building work has only begun.

Our classes have grown from teaching how to cast circles, charge crystals, or make incense, to teaching dedications and initiations. Soon we will also teach elevations, group dynamics and hand-fastings in the more advanced clergy Circles.

As the Temple of the Sapphire Sky expands its clergy base, I’m finally able to focus the rest of the year on expanding our Temenos Galatas, with three Minoan initiations scheduled very soon.

Thanks and congratulations to all who have made this process we call Temple of the Sapphire Sky possible; you are all part of Pagan history in the Desert Cities, and part of my best memories.

May the peace of the Goddess and the God be with all of you on every day of our third official year.

Blessed Be!


Happy Imbolc and other Holidays of Lights to everyone!

(Irish tip for the season:
 Don’t pronounce that b in Imbolc!)

Romans and other Mediterranean peoples 
used candle rituals in February for purification 
from Winter’s needs.
In Christianity, and other religions 
that celebrate a Holy Solstice birth,
 forty days after giving birth is often the time 
for the Mother’s ritual purifications from Her 
birthing stress. As below, …so above?
Other traditions would phrase this time of the year 
differently, but always stressing the expansion
 of vegetation about to bloom overnight, 
Spring’s new growth is already being felt everywhere, 
soon it will be visible to our eyes too.

The candles we light are in honor of that which we call,
 awaken and re-awaken, by many images and names:
 divine inspiration, the poetic Awen,
 the energies of the East and Air, 
the awe of the unnumbered Arcanum, 
or the influence of the Iranian Archangel Raphael.

After lighting a candle we close our eyes, and…
In our minds, we braid the light of the candle
 into a three dimensional, rotating, 
grass braid shaped like a small Brigid’s Cross, 
an image of the living Sun-Wheel,
 turning to form, as the year forms…
…in the shape of a Celtic Goddess of Magic and Wisdom:
Brig, Brigit, Brigid, Bridget, Bridgit, Brid, Bride, Ffraid, 
Bricta, Brigindu, Brigantis, Brigantia, Brigandia, Bragança, Braga, and many other variants of Celtic Brighid (exalted one, vigor, force, flame), 
the daughter of the Dagda, and one of the Tuatha De Danann,
 the people of the Goddess Danu.

She is also called Roman Minerva forming the 
Capitoline Triad with Jupiter and Juno, 
and also appears as Athena, or St. Brigid,
 and under the name of many other entities
 that are entwined in her light, 
since every hill had, and has,
 an inspirational Goddess, 
may every hill be seen as divine again.

At the Temple of the Sapphire Sky we will be celebrating Imbolc this year with a ritual in honor of Brigid, two First Degree Initiations, and a light Spring dinner afterwards. This time of the year is very special for us, since it’s the time of our founding; our Anniversary will be happening next week.

Happy Brigid’s Day to Everyone and Blessed Be!


As the light of our Sun grows in warmth with the new year, and as the decorated trees from Yule vanish from our living rooms, we are now approaching Imbolc, another holiday of lights. Next Sunday we will celebrate the new rites of Spring and honor the Goddess Brigit, the Flame of Life.

But before forgetting about our Holy Trees, here’s a guided meditation to help visualize the Kabbalah’s Holy Tree of Life as an unfolding Flash of Creation, from the Infinites Above to our familiar land Below.

As we grow in our work we may come to think of the Holy Tree as a moving picture, rather than the static image of branches and spheres that we all tried to memorized in Kabbalah 101.

In order to do this I will have to ask you to visualize time lapses in an environment outside of time/space and a number of other illogical rings-pass-nots. Please, bear with me as we enjoy talking of unmentionables.

Think of this as an experiential description of a mental journey, in which there’s some need for doing things that our mind can easily do, and where there’s a call to enjoy the poetry of the symbology of our ancestors.

This is not just another raid to steal the ancestral tulips. Do not think of this either as a wysiwyg anatomical analysis of cold realities. We are instead describing antique maps full of poetry and life.

Ground, look at the image of the Tree of Life, disregard the Hebrew spelling changes, breathe deep and enjoy:

We start by visualizing, out of nothing, out of darkness, a expanding light that condenses into a sphere of light above us. This sphere, Chakra or Sefira, is called a Crown, like the Crown Chakra, and in Hebrew that’s Kether, or Keter. This sphere is in a world unlike ours, called Atziluth or Atzilut.
Atzilut, the Archetypal World, is described as the World’s DNA, made of Un-manifest Spirit.

One hears nothing: Silence, and then the letter Yod י or the letter Shin (three Yods) ש.

i, i, i, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Silence again.

The letter Shin often-times refers to the three Supernals, the three Sephirot above the Abyss. It’s a glyph for Spirit, and Deity, which in Keltic and Egyptian traditions is always tripled; having aspects on the three manifest worlds, or representing divinity evolving in time.

The Potential of Keter becomes Will, The Kings of the Tarot, Chokmah, Yod, י, a cosmic-sized white-hole expanding eternally, represented by a fire lingam (phalus or torch) which later metamorphs into Binah, Heh, ה, a cosmic size black-hole, eternally devouring, the cosmic womb, or well, The Goddess, and She’s already pregnant from Her previous-present-future identity state, as the God, Chokmah, the flaming letter Yod:

The sphere Binah, containing Chokmah in her “past” that is not past, and the sphere Chokmah “eternally turning into” Binah, constitute Briah, the Creative World, a divine “manifesting potential machine”. ה and י. Water Chalice (Heh), The Queens of the Tarot, and the Fire Rod (Yod), The Kings of the Tarot, working on each other.

With that many “royals”, this world is called the World of Thrones. Do not confuse this world with the Game of Thrones, which is a nice cable series, unrelated to Kabbalah, or so they tell me.

In Wicca terms Briah “is” (correlates with) the God and the Goddess united in the Great Rite. Immanence flows from this divine fusion.

Out of this Will, later on, comes the Cosmic Mind: Yetzirah, The World of Forms, reflecting the Supernals on this, our side of the Abyss.

The Abyss is said to be a sort of mirror, like that of Alice in Wonderland, separating divine transcendence from divine immanence. Like the Nu in the Egyptian cosmology, the Waters Above, from which the word of creation is uttered by the divinity stirring off its dark waters. The soul floating over the primordial waters, or dangling below the Abyss is called Yetzirah.

The Abyss has a material cousin on the Veil of Paroket, between Yesod and Tiferet, representing the body of man, that is eventually torn asunder, or cast aside, to enter the Holy of Holies, since it divides human immortality from human incarnation.

We can say of the Abyss that it’s the “skin” in the “body” of the Cosmic Mind, like Paroket is the same of the physical body, and as the Ain Soph Aur is the shell or the three external and reversed sheaths of the Tree’s Seed, which are said to be three times more incomprehensible than the Seed itself, Keter, so we hold our Peace.


Keter seems to be from one direction the transcending Malkut, the fruit of the transcending Ain Soph Aur Tree, and from the other, the first cause, the seed of all the immanent divine, or the later Creation, the Nine Sefirot Below, standing between Humanity and Transcendence like the Nine Waves off our Keltic Islands.

Keter, the World of Archetypes has turned into this World of Creation now, there’s no more Keter now, except in the “past” which “doesn’t exist” here and now.

Yetzirah is forming in Binah’s womb, and there’s no Malkut yet, but its immanent creation is in full process now.

At the same time, nothing of this transformation has really happened, because this is all before time and space appear, so there’s no present and past, and the three first sephiroth can be said to “do not exist”, simultaneously, in an Atzilut field tending towards Briah.

Looking one way one “sees” Atzilut, Keter concealed within Ain Soph Aur, and in another way one “sees” Briah, Chokmah-Binah churning in transcendent creative action.

These three spheres can be represented by the three Yods in the letter Shin, or by an upright Triangle.
They are the Supernals. Not to be confused with the Supremes!

The Supernals are said to be un-manifest.
They do not exist here, not even as ideas, but they are close and related to our ideas of Love and Will interacting. They are not part of one’s physical body nor of one’s intellectual body except as transformed energies.

This could be saying that the Transcending Universe “cares”, and it’s made up of nothing but willing love, or Love under Will.


The rest of the Tree is a reflection of these three energies on the Airy “waters” below the Abyss. This reflection is manifested, created, existing, even if it’s all just in the Cosmic Mind.

At this point the Holy Tree re-plays the old song that creation is an illusion, a reflection and refraction of energies, the indian Maya, Yetzirah, the World of Ideas or Formations. What we think of, is not what it is. The Tao-we-speak-of is not the real Tao, we are talking paper maps and not dirt and rock territory, etc., etc, …into complete derivation.

We are familiar with several scenarios related to the World of Formation:
One is Plato’s ideal “reality” casting shadows in our physical world.
Another are the forces of astrology moving sleeping humans, until we are trained to overcome them and we awake into our inner light.

Yetzirah is said to be made of the shapes that our mind gives to the cosmos, or the cosmos gives our minds; from our collective subconscious (Yesod) to our Higher Selves (Tiferet), and beyond into deity. Geburah and Gedulah the Sefirot numbered 5 and 4, being the direct reflections of Binah and Chokmah, they are deity manifest in mind, while Tiferet is the reflection of Keter, and the crown of the Cosmic Mind.

This Cosmic Mind “is” (correlates with) Air, Swords, and The Princes in the Tarot, represented as Vau.

It can range widely from fishing collective subconscious energies in Yesod, to conversations with your Angel in Tiferet and rarified mystic unions with a God or Goddess in Geburah or Chesed, which feel like you’ve reached Keter, but you haven’t, because Keter does not feel (since it does not “exist” as manifest, right?).

You can find Fire of Air (Geburah, the ideal of Will) Water of Air (Chesed, the ideal of Love) Earth of Air (Nezach, the ideal of Victory) Air of Air (Hod, the ideal of Order) and Spirit of Air (Tiferet, the ideal of Happiness and Beauty) which “rules” Olam Yetzirah, the World of Formation. Vau stands for your Angel, your soul, your conscience, your higher self, your guide. It’s said to be always huge for you, and to make everything balanced and happy for you, eventually.

Yetzirah “is” Faeryland, this is, or correlates to the Pantheons of all religions, this is the Cosmic Jesus, the Son, the Savior, the once and future Buddha or Arhat, and all the Initiators and Healers that were, are, or ever will be.

The lower Yetzirah, under Paroket, may be the energies that can be fully experienced within our living bodies, above Paroket may lie experiences beyond the body, but still in the world of the Cosmic Mind: Yetzirah.

This may imply that Netzach, Hod and Yesod, like Malkut, can be fully experienced within our physical bodies, but the upper Tree is the realm of our souls.

All these divine ideals precipitate out of Love, not by entropy, and not by damnation, nor by any loss of grace, like a fallen angel, but by love under will; they fall to Earth like a Buddha returns to help others, out of love, and they form Assiah, the manifest world, the Kingdom (Malkut) that is said to contain all of the above energies as manifested physical entities within Her.

This is the final He in the elemental Tetragramaton, or Yod Heh Vau Heh, the Goddess manifested physically, The Princesses of the Tarot. These “are” our sensations. This “is” our body and our bones, as correlations go.

These “are” our lives, with an infancy in the East of constant learning and awe, a youth in the South with active expression of ourselves, our Will, then a more collected maturity in the West, when our Love is more important than our Will, and later, as we mature, then a grounding old age in the North, as we train those who will listen from the East of their lives.

Here is where we meet Deity on every person, animal, plant or rock we meet.

The other worlds do not “exist” anymore when we are now in Malkut, some never did really “exist”, (I know you know better, but humor me…) only Yetzirah existed, but ideally, and as a Flash in the Cosmic Mind that we try to remember vaguely.

This may mean that our minds existed before our bodies, and do not depend on our bodies, and also that Mind itself is a collective thing, not something one “is”, or a part of one, but something one taps into, like water currents or places one visits inside and outside oneself. Places connected magickally with a transcendent reality that they somehow reflect in a denser-information-base, a clearer way, for us. A little like a computer interface does its work, reflecting our finger moves into the hardware’s zeroes and ones, intuitively bridging both worlds.

Now after another mode, the earth of Malkut, our body, is also, or was also, all over the Tree, in Keter, before time, as the Ace of Disks, Potential, the root of all matter. There too, in Keter, is the potential for Love, the Ace of Cups, and for Will, the Ace of Wands, and for the Mind, the Ace of Swords.

Earth is in Chokmah as the Two of Disks, the active will to Change. In Tiferet as the Six of Disks, Success, which forms Tiferet together with Pleasure (Six of Cups), Victory (Six of Wands) and Science (Six of Swords), all under the Archangel Raphael or the local God of Resurrection, which are all but aspects of the Invincible Sun.

This may say that your Angel, or higher self, is the key to obtaining any material successes, victory in any venture, learning any science or enjoying any pleasure. In other words, your spirit guides can assist you in finding your happiness, all you need to do is converse with them about it.

By meditating on what all this could mean, one can obtain very detailed practical teachings that are only formulated as structure within the Holy Tree of Life.

The Worlds the Tree grows through can be envisioned as four separate trees, one fully transcendent, Atzilut; one potentiating immanence, Briah, a third physically visualizing immanence in detail, Yetzirah, and then the fully created, and immanent presence illuminating everything in the fourth world, Assiah.

Now let that glowing sphere, Malkut, Assiah, be absorbed into the group above it, Yetzirah, which retreats into Briah, across the Abyss, which shrinks into a single light, Keter, and later vanishes in the dark.

Thus ends the story of the Holy Tree of Life, or How-a-transcending-deity-became-immanent-in-our-worlds-and-us.

Follow a high bell sound into the silence.

May the promise of Spring and Imbolc’s warmth ground us in our bodies, and free our minds of Winter cares, and may the cleansing month of February renew us all, and open our roads as we get over the last Winter colds.

Blessed Be!