This is our coffee or tea social.

Everyone is always welcome to come hang out and chat with a Witch at our Cauldron’O’Java.

To avoid crossing paths and missing us, please RSVP to the event in Meet Up, or FaceBook, or just e-mail Lugh in advance, and let us know you are coming!

If you are one of our initiates, we hope you can make time to come often and enjoy sharing your path, explaining our teachings, and chatting about every thing witchy, while meeting our great new students.


We celebrate the Wheel of the Year’s Eight Sabbats and the Thirteen Full Moon Esbats.
Different groups within our Temple may also celebrate other traditional Holy Days.


Sabbats are public rituals and parties, many of them are robed, dress up, masked, or costume parties.

They are open to everyone, and they are a good place to start meeting and getting to know us.


These are held monthly, usually at private residences, sometimes in parks.

They are not a good place to come meet us for the first time.

You should first meet us at our classes, Sabbats or other public events, once we know each other you will be invited to attend our private Esbats.

We go dormant during Summer, due to the usually high temperatures in the desert cities.

When the weather is cooler our open air Esbats return.

When coinciding with a Sabbat we sometimes may combine the Sabbat and the Esbat, depending on attendance.

Our clergy training is braided into our rituals, and social meetings, not just in our presentations and classes.


We teach a short program to prepare for our Wiccan Dedication, a longer Year and a Day training to prepare for 1• Initiation, and two years of further clergy training,  for those with the calling, time and energy to serve our community not only ritually, but as spiritual counselors, teachers and organizers.


Our Temple is fortunate to count among our members, Kemetic Reconstructionists, Shamans and many others that share their knowledge and create special public community rites outside of the traditional Wiccan ones. Don’t miss these nice treats when they are offered.