After casting a circle with volunteers we discussed how to make a Magick Mirror.

Chris started by describing how he orients his mind and soul within the Tree of Life before starting the trance and opening the cosmic vision gates:

Firmly in Malkut, facing Yesod, and through Yesod contemplating the Triangle of the Art, superimposed with the Supernal Triangle of the Holy Tree.

We talked about how to make the actual mirror with a convex clock glass, and some black paint, we mentioned the paints we like to use for this.

We showed some mirrors already made, some scrying balls made of obsidian, and some bowls that could be used to scry with water or oil.

We discussed how to ritualize the work, like we did with Incense Making, by making the mirror during the Dark Moon, salting the parts to cleanse them; bathing them in a condenser and vision correlated herbal tea (chamomile, eyebright, mugwort, etc.) to charge them; adding nine thin layers of paint to build up the mirror surface, and charging each layer with energy as it dries; carving the frame to finish the mirror, and finally consecrating it to the Art within circle.

We did not get into much scrying detail, but we discussed it in general, mentioning both its methods and the possible sources of the information obtained, as well as the correlation of the  modern quantum physics concepts of the Zero Point Field and Non-Locality, with the old metaphysical concept of the Akashic Records or the psychological Collective Subconscious.

We talked about where this information can be coming from, and how this information could be common not just to all humans on Earth, but to all biological and psychological life that exists now, ever existed or will ever exist; anywhere in our Metaverse, or Multiverse. It’s described as a huge superdense, superfluid information depository connecting and attuning everything.

We mentioned how Wicca embraces science, and does not affect to have religious answers for everything, neither physical nor metaphysical.

We described the scientific evolution of theories about the vacuum of space from the XXth Century’s luminous ether to the current  information and dark energy packed Zero Point Field that keeps stars and planets orbiting, as well as our body atoms stable, and it may contain holographic records of everything-everywhere-everywhen as quantum wave patterns. Patterns of sounds, images, feelings, which we might be able to experience as we trance, accessing our own wave function nature: our soul.

As theories go, this one is beautiful, but the astral territory is still much vaster than any maps we have of it.

We warned about how it’s best to scry in the company of experienced guides with knowledge of hypnosis and hypnotic trance, to avoid some possible problems.

We will put a scrying course together some time soon.

After the presentation was over, we talked about our personal experiences with scrying and mirrors. Then we shared some libation and cakes.

Thanking the Gods and spirits as they departed to their strange lands, we opened the Circle, and merry parted, off to a Pizza dinner and more hours of bewitching chat, LOL. I know, it’s true, we can’t shut up. LOL.

Our next public meeting, Hands-On-Wicca, is next Saturday October 20th at 4 PM, at the Crystal Fantasy in Palm Springs.

We will discuss Healing Qi Gong; until then, merry part, and…

Blessed Be!