Venus and Jupiter have been growing visually closer for a week in the Summer skies, I hope you had a chance to see them unite under the almost full Moon yesterday Tuesday, in the West.  Great magickal times! 

Venus and Jupiter will be blessing us and each other all Summer. 

It’s time to burn those green and blue candles!

Remember that the Empress is Venus in the Major Arcana, Jupiter is there represented by the Wheel of Fortune (The Wheel of the Year), that’s starting to turn towards the darker part of the year after the Solstice.

As the Sun stops and reflects in Cancer, it’s a good time to slow down and look back at our January resolutions and correct course for the rest of our year. 

For those of us at the mid point of our lives, the slowing Sun can help us reflect on deeper waters, it can help us re-explore our youthful dreams and expectations, and it can help us recapture our beginner’s mind.

Now we look around with new fresh eyes, and can see fresher paradigms. 

The grounded and ambitious Capricorn Full Moon is a perfect time for reevaluation.

Now in the Tarot Wheel of the Year:

The Lord of Love (The 2 of Cups, Venus in Cancer) that rules the first ten days of Cancer, has now passed, after announcing the 3 of Cups, Mercury in Cancer, as the new ruler of the current second decan, going forth from tomorrow until July 11th. He’s called the Lord of Abundance.

Mercury in Cancer highlights the material side of Mercury: market, trade, the gathering and exchange of needed provisions for Winter, and specially the partying and sharing of meals, like the many happy 4th of July barbecues coming up this weekend. Dionysos will definitely be in attendance!

We can meditate for the next ten days on the Major Arcana for Mercury (the interconnected Magus) and Cancer (the successful Charioteer) as their energies blend at this time. Let’s journal our meditations and current events before the decan ends. Experience the live correlation of these cards to this current time, it will help you to intuit and associate yearly dates in your Tarot readings.

The Major Arcana card for Capricorn (the Devil), can also be part of a meditation for tonight’s Capricorn Full Moon. Let’s gather with others or gather with our familiars and spirit guides, and do a solitary ritual and meditation acknowledging the abundance of goods, light and love in our lives.

Blessed Be!