Come celebrate the Summer Solstice in Palm Springs, with the local witches of the Sapphire Sky Current. The ritual starts at 6 PM, right after the Shamanic Healing class on Raising your Vibration, which is a great way to prepare for it. Make it a Blessed Solstice evening and stay for both!
Litha is the turning of the year, with the Sun at its fullest energy, the days will shorten after Litha and that is the Oak King’s time, the Dark of the Year. The Goddess is now pregnant with the new Sun that will be born in December’s Solstice. The harvest is celebrated by humans, animals and spirits. The Fay are dancing.
The rite will last about an hour, we will be available for chatting on about Litha and Wicca until 8PM. See you there!

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Crystal Fantasy

Temple of the Sapphire Sky

Temple of the Amethyst Moon

Temple of the Diamond Sands