On the Wheel of the Year each card springs necessarily from each other card, even in due order, from The Fool unto The Ten of Coins.

From November 3rd to November 12th the Six of Cups appears on the Wheel of the Year.

The Lord of Pleasure is the 6 of Cups’ title, and it stands for Sol in Scorpio. This card talks of deep emotions, which are now tempered after having faced old pains and fears in the previous ten day period.

The previous card ruling from October 23rd to November 2nd was the disapointing Lord of Loss (of Pleasure), Mars in Scorpio, the Five of Cups.

The Lord of Pleasure is therefore talking about Pleasure newly Restored.

People are now open to fully enjoy the pleasures of intimate harmony and public devotion more than they could before.

Scorpio can have a tendency to obsess about emotional subjects, since it rules the harmony of friendship, reunions and reconciliations, nostalgia, and all lasting connections to people or places.

Six, the Qabalistic Sun, Beauty itself, is hailing and shining from the elemental Water in the West, the often dreaded realm of our Ancestors.

Honored at this time are our Ancestors and all Gods of Resurrection and Rulers of the Dead like Osiris, Pluto and Hades; all Initiatic entities; and all Tantric (sexual) entities. The Wiccan God is at this time restoring Himself in the arms of the Dark Mother, until the Winter Solstice, when He’s reborn with the Sun. The different traditions vary widely in their expressions of this concept.

The message of Sun on Water is that of the Dragonfly, which is the Secret of the Ninth Degree of the O.T.O.:

The Conscious Experience of Joy. 

As uncle Crowley writes in Liber CCCXXXIII:

“…joy that is but one facet of a diamond, every other facet whereof is more joyful than joy itself.”

…and also: “Without the Rose, the Cross is just a dry stick.”

The Major Arcana card for Sol in Scorpio is called Death, and numbered XIII.

Qabalisticly, 13 (1 plus 3) is a just a different form of 4.

4 is Amoun, Jupiter, the God of generation and expansion.

It was also called 1, the Phallic unity, God-the-one, Keter igniting into Chokmah, before further individualization manifested below “the Abyss”, the threshold between existence and transcendence.


The Death card stands for transformations, initiations, and other processes of internal alchemy.

A better name for this card would be Epiphany.

In the Minor Arcana, the Six of Cups, like a loving heart, is open to all directions, and warns us of the dangers of inaction.

Chose a direction, move forward and enjoy joifully walking while singing or chanting.

Joiful chants and mantras are properly said without effort, like all music, when we are in The Zone, partially trancing, and barely knowing we are doing it. It feels as if it does itself.

Our experiences with Love and Sex flow and work just like our music.

The same applies to all Magick.

In the Yi Jing (or I Ching, the Book of Changes) Sol in Scorpio is Kwan,

Great Earth,


and points to the South West, to our home.

May many pleasurable Epiphanies enlighten us all in our beloved Coachella Valley.

Blessed Be!