LeoMoonLast Saturday’s Esbat, the Snow Moon, or Hunger Moon, had Luna visiting Leo while the newly born December Sun transits Aquarius. This week’s sky frames an eerie period between the collective needs and the individual needs of peoples, and it is strongly felt in all types of groups, including covens.

Let’s focus this Leonine energy towards our internal work, accessing the leader qualities that we all have, and asking ourselves what do we have to offer our sisters and brothers in this new solar year. How can we lead in trust and love?

This is our strong center, the internal power attitude that says that we are all valuable, and we have good things to contribute to society, starting by our own family and community. The lion head in ancient Egypt was the symbol of Sekhmet, a healing deity whose name means “Powerful One”. This giving of ourselves from a place of power is the solar sacrifice of leaders for their people, and that’s the attitude of a priest/ess.

When our lion is not acting from our strong center, when we feel fearful, insecure, victimized, or hurt, or when our lion is young and still unable to think collectively, then it’s all about us.

This ego-high can actually be a good thing for a while, we need a healthy ego when growing and learning, it helps you feed your fast developing awareness, and free yourself from any old “Elephant silk leashes” and other over-restrictive voices in your head or your environment.

After a point, though, our ego can become a weight, if we let it, that can keep us from our progress. If we don’t acknowledge this passage, and keep thinking of ourselves as our old lion cubs in constant need of attention, we become the astrological cliché of a Leo constantly on stage, but lacking an appreciative audience. Kittens grow up from cute cotton-balls to beautiful and powerful free beings.

In Wicca, after learning the basics, it’s important to remember a few rules of thumb to grow into our power in health of mind and body:
1st. -It’s not about us.

No matter how much we were pampered as cubs, if we are not solitaries we need to think group and larger community, and we need to be in synergy with many others, that’s the whole point of collectives. Solitaries also can, and often do benefit from many community activities.
We all have a tendency to forget this obvious fact, and we round up the wagons in our comfort zone. Remember that we, all of us and always, have free will and free choice.
We can choose to respect others’ boundaries and not to isolate, just as well as the opposite.

The baby Sun is now in Aquarius. Being ruled by Uranus and Saturn, He radiates a great blend of creativity and social vision. These are exactly the refreshing waters that we need to heal from our cold Winter’s wounds and to be again our giving, leading, sacrificing Lions in mature full power this solar year.

The genius-level creativity of Aquarius and a happy young Sun translate into another great rule of thumb to keep in mind as we keep growing and learning:
2nd. -Have fun!

All rites of love and pleasure are the Goddess’ Rites. We can accomplish much more if we, and everyone involved, are having fun with their activities. Fun is collaborative and contagious.

An African saying addresses the energies of this period very well:

If one needs to go someplace fast, one goes singing alone.
If one needs to go somewhere far, one goes singing together with many friends.

The waters above, those of the Water Bearer, start already baptizing us and cleansing us before we even enter the month of February, the month of purifications.

In the Desert now is a good time to plant, we have more humidity in the air than at any other times. This period is short, since the winds will rise soon with Spring, and will dry us out again. The beauty of our blooming Spring depends on the amount of rains we get right now.

My garter snakes are out of brumation and are beginning to mate. Their internal Wheel of the Year is running a bit fast. LOL.

Blessed Be!