Summer has ended, even in our hot Southern California desert.
Best wishes to everyone, as we enter the colder, darker part of the year with the Blessed Samhain tide.

Samhain is the time for new beginnings; a time to review our commitments and refresh our activities.
Look at your calendar now and block time in the new Wheel of the Year for celebrations and meetings with your fellow Wiccans.

Thanks to all who attended our three wonderful Samhain rituals this year:
Friday the 31st was our Journey to Avalon meditation, dancing the Spiral of life with our Beloved Dead, and this year it was complete with flying cats, LOL.
Saturday afternoon we had a very moving class on listening to our Beloved Dead with some great visiting witches, we all received great messages.
Saturday evening we enjoyed a great Divination Circle, foreseeing our fortunes for the coming year.
Thanks to Crystal Fantasy and Ms. Janeen for hosting us.

November has our weekly Java meetings schedule on every Wednesday.
Join our Meet up site for more details.

Joanne’s class (check our Meet Up site to RSVP) is on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays at 5PM.
Today it feels like it’s the second Thursday, but it’s actually the first one, since November started last Saturday.
No class today.

Tomorrow Friday we will have the Curios and Candles class on magickal prayer for the main Pantheons at Lugh’s.
RSVP for directions.

On the third Saturday, November 15th, we will see another Hands on Wicca class at Crystal Fantasy at 4PM.

Happy Thanksgiving to every one later in the month.
Let’s be grateful for our own bodies and let’s not over-eat too much. LOL.

Our next Sabbat is a public YULE with CoG’s Touchstone Local Council:
Norton Younglove Senior Center
908 Park Ave.
Calimesa, CA 92320

This Sabbat is right at the Full Moon.
There will be raffles, games, great food, and about 60 local Pagans and Witches to celebrate with us.

We will be rehearsing and discussing our Yule ritual in all our November meetings. See you there.

Our own Private Yule will be on Sunday December 21, with the Sun entering Capricorn.
The New Moon will still be in strong Sagittarius on Sunday, entering Capricorn on Monday the 22nd.

Blessed Be!