Thanks to all the people that came to our Saturday Teaching Circle, Hands-On-Wicca, at Crystal Fantasy.

We welcomed and introduced everyone, and after some news, like this new blog, news from CoG, etc., we traced our Circle.

In Circle, between the worlds, we presented  Spell Casting: To Cast or not to Cast.

Turns out that, after getting some working practice at first, there’s only need for a few spells. The first preparation is deciding if it’s even worth doing in the first place. When a spell is needed, keeping it ethical and grounded makes all the difference for its effectiveness.

We talked generally about candle work, intention, ethics, entities, things that work and things that don’t work.

Any spiritual letter or prayer can be seen as a spell if it expects results in our world, or even if it just expects to be read or listened to in the spirit world.

Let’s get the basic definitions and spelling out of the way:

Many religions teach that you can just address a number of Gods and spiritual entities by changing awareness to a prayer mode, and talking, reciting, or writing a note.

These are metaphysical communications, and therefore they are not only wireless, but magickal.

They would be magical too, without the k, if the letter materializes in your hand after you pull my ear. :  )

Religions and religious people are always more or less magickal, with a k, while only a circus magician is magical, without k, and neither of them are usually psychotic, with a ch, even if they all associate their names to things that cannot or shouldn’t be proven, scientifically dotting all their i’s and crossing all their t’s.

That’s enough spelling. Most Wiccan spells use some props. Simple spells use a couple of props and metaphors; more complex ones can use herbs, colors, scents, any thing that is vibrational, any correlation from any Table of Correspondences. We often use ye olde Liber 777 for correspondences in our Temple, but not always.

Yesterday we also talked about rhyming charms, rope spells or witch ladders, and about releasing the finished astral program at the end of a spell to let it do its work.

We think that, to the extent that magic works (when it does work, which is not always, and that’s usually a good thing!) it works because we are all connected and it works thru that connection.

Healing spells work very well, and can be as simple as a prayer for health or the act of covering something or oneself with the healing vibration of the color blue, physically or by visualizing it. Blue candles or blue ropes can represent healing and are used in healing spells.

We talked about how spells for personal material well-being work  better  when pulling energy for the benefit of a group or for all people, and not just for ourselves.

Prosperity spells seem to work better when two people do this type of spells for each other.

Protection candles are used to keep peaceful energies around you. When dealing with confrontations we talked about taking the higher road, and avoiding Karma when possible.

We talked about candle spells for mirroring or returning energies, something to be done often and in general, rather than specifically naming any source of possible malice, since the intel could very well be wrong.

We mentioned how returning what is sent to you is a great way of staying grounded without incurring Karma by escalating a grudge.

We talked about the tricky love spells, and how they work better when more general, and get buggier and worthless when directed at a specific person, unless you have the person’s consent for it, which of course, makes the whole need for a love spell basically nil.

After the presentation was over, we talked about our personal experiences with spells. Then we shared some libation and cakes.

Thanking the Gods and spirits as they departed to their strange lands, we opened the Circle, and merry parted, off to a Kosher dinner and more hours of bewitching chat, LOL.

Our next public meeting, Hands-On-Wicca, is next Saturday October 13th at 4 PM, at the Crystal Fantasy in Palm Springs.

We will discuss mirror making; until then, merry part, and…

Blessed Be!